im going back tomorrow.its time to pack up.A week left for the PMR.i hope everything is going well.farewell everybody.see you another couple of weeks.lastly,im going to miss those hugs from her...

A Day

First day of 'Hari Raya' always be the best day...haha..here some pictures.. more on myspace and facebook


Ok.Here we go..
This is my lil cousin..
Syafieza Amira..
Its seem like..
she like to say
"Agak ah.."
I am wondering..
How many words "Agak ah.."
she says in 1 day..
Its freaking awesome..haha

There she goes again...
"Agak ah.." word

Happy Eid Everybody..
"Camwhoring Day"

I would like to thank her..
Thanks for everything..

Selamat Hari Raya

Yeah.....im so happy right now...Hari Raya is just around the corner..Although im going to sit for my PMR..but still.. this feeling to Hari Raya...i can't resist it..haha...Im so excited right now...can't wait to see my cousins...Aina,Syazana,Syafieza,Aiman,Mira & others....haha..this Hari Raya will be completely different than these past 2 years ago.. Im going back to my mom's kampung first at Kuala Pilah than to my dad's kampung in Temerloh...Guys... im going to wish all of you tonight... and ofcourse lah...i have to bring along my books also..have to revise some subjects...haha.. Selamat Hari Raya!!! im begging for your forgiveness!! hahaha


Since I started listening to this UK's Rock N Roll band,i think...this is the best rockband ever. They call themselves 'Kasabian'... .Fire,Empire,Clubfoot,Reason is Treason, and Underdog are awesome.These songs makes me feel so alive..haha