Better Days

Hii.. happy holidays guys!!. hope your holidays not so boring like me. I am still here in college. I can't go home because of the basketball training and my family is not here. They are having some kind of happy vacation and of cause job thing in Gold Coast, Sydney, & Newcastle. So here I am, alone in Malaysia. :(

By the way, photography sessions were already started. It will be my busy year.

New Brothers

Its been a week since the new form 4 students had their orientation week in Malay College Kuala Kangsar. It was my busy week, I did not entered any classes during school hours. I had to handle all the activities for the new form 4 students. Well, I do gave them some speech. It was my part to give them a speech. Now, I am preparing for the concert. I am going to sing 'I Gotta Feeling' but in my version. Wish me luck! and welcome Form4 Students!!!!