Vanilla Twilight

Ok,here we go. I just got back from Salah's crib. There was a some kind of BBQ+party=Babiqueued.It was awesome, I had fun a lot. I met some friends, new friends and a cute girl! haha. I hope there will be something like this again. Thanks to Fafa for taking some pictures using my slr. I really appriciate it. Ok then, see you guys around!

Thank You!


After 2 weeks of fully basketball training. My body is getting weak and my muscles are huge. I am so tired and I decided to take a short break this 29th December. Yeah! I can go home and have some fun before the school term start. My skin getting darker because of the sunburn. Argh.. I hate it... Well see you guys soon! :P

Cats In the Cradle

Here I am. Typing something that I do not know when Its going to end. I am still can't believe that my PMR result ended with 7A's 1B. I failed to make it because of the 'Pendidikan Agama Islam'. In my lifetime in Malay College, This is the first time I got 'B' for my 'Pendidikan Agama Islam'. Curse you 'Pak Lebai' that marked my paper. I am going to recheck my paper this Monday. The college ask for it because I am not the only person that got 'B' for Agama. Some of the top students also got 'B' for Agama. So I hope It will change. Its like waiting for someone to save you in the darkness but still you have a candle the helps you to find the way out.

Owh, One more thing. This is Amirul Naim, my bestfriend. Congratulations! He managed to score 9A's in PMR. Wonderful! Guess what. He wants to further his studies in Malay College. Welcome my friend. Welcome to the Gentlemen.

A Piece of Paper

Its going to be a big day for the Form 3 Students tomorrow. Im not nervous or freak out to take that piece of paper. You know, the piece of paper tells everything about your IQ level.Haha kinda funny. Just so you know that I am ready to take it and im not afraid of my result. I dont care about it anymore. Anyway, I feel that I am the one of the pupils that came back to school early. I already at my college since 3 days ago. Damn so boring. Everyday doing the same things. Basketball trainingb makes me want to fly away. So damn tired. I want to go home! Please somebody. Take me home! hahaha :P

So Beautiful

So Beautiful by Pete Murray(from my Mixtape)

Found myself just the other day
In the backyard of a friends place,
Thinkin' about you,
Thinkin' of the crowd you're in,
What you up too where you been?
(Just thinkin')

And all the clothes that you wear,
And the colors in your hair
Shouldn't change you
Now you tell me why it's so
You bigger than mighty Joe,
(At lest you think so)

God my fingers burn,
Now when I think of touching your hair
You have changed so much that I don't know,
If I can call you and tell you I care
And I would love to bring you down,
Plant your feet back on the ground

Throw my smoke down on the ground,
Turn my head and I heard the sound,
(That reminded me)
Of the days so young and sweet
Always so much fun to meet
(At lest I thought so)

Now you think your so damn fine

You can rule the world no not mine,
I don't think so

God my fingers burn,
Now when I think of touching your hair
You have changed so much that I don't know,
If I can call you and tell you I care

Now the scene that you're in,
And the people that you been with
Just get to me,
But you think I'm not as cool,
As you are so beautiful
Well who you fooling?

Well I'm here to tell you babe
The game your in is just a game
So damn pretentious

God my fingers burn,
Now when I think of touching your hair
You have changed so much that I don't know,
If I can call you and tell you I care
And I would love to bring you down,
Plant your feet back on the ground

You think you're so beautiful
(So beautiful)

Its Time To Go

Well, I'll be going to Cameron tomorrow to join the training sessions special for some of the players that had been choosen by Mr.Liew. Thanks for believing me, I'll try my best to play my role as a Cagers. Althought, I have to sacrifice my happy days,hangout, or what so ever. I know, the benefits that I will get are much better. Its ok. 2 years left, I can handle it. So guys, I'll be back home maybe end of December after I get my PMR result. I hope my result is ok. See you.

Last night. I played ball with my neighbour, Mokhriss. He is very cool. Then he came out with this crazy idea. He recorded me while I was doing some of the dribbles,jump shots, and lay-ups. So, this is it. LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!! check it out on my Facebook. I can't upload it here due to some problem. I dont know.


Dr.Zainuddin had done a great job.
Thanks to him.
Now I have fences on my teeth.

Roti Juhn?!?!?!

Yesterday, I decided to meet my old friend, Hakim and some other guys like Salah,Izzul, and Cuak. I was late because I had to travel from Bukit Mahkota to Seremban. I was there around 4 p.m. Then i met them at the bowl. I joined them for a while then Salah invited me to continue 'lepak' around Paroi Jaya. It was like back to my neighbourhood and it seems like lots of changes around there. I was quite suprised. We went to Ijan's and the waiter made a silly joke. I can't stand laughed at the waiter. Poor him. I spent them and we had a long chat untill 7 p.m. Nice burger! Cool friends! Long Chat!. :P

Nikon D90

Finally, I got it before my dad go to United State.
With that, I thank you.
You can go in peace.


Mini is In The Sun

"Dad, can you buy It for me when your in United State?"


Onitsuka Tiger: Mini Cooper Edition


I just got home from kampung. Raya Haji was awesome. Now, pack things up and fly away to Bandung!!!

Tooth Fairy

I lost 2 teeth today,

2 more to go.

next appointment with Dr.Zainuddin

after the Bandung Holiday.

Fly Away

Yesterday, I bought a Playstation 3 and a set of Rockband instruments. The consoles are kinda cool and I can't stop playing the NBA10.Its driving me crazy.Ok, heres the thing. My parent will be going to Calirfonia and San Fransisco next a couple of weeks.Ofcourse not for vacation but business matter.So my siblings and I are too lazy to follow them because we actually have our plan for this holiday. I have my guitar lessons,the basketball training programme is coming right up, my sister has her seminar, and my brother will be going to Scotland with his friends. So, I have this crazy idea about going to Bandung before my parent go to United State. I already discussed with my sister and ofcourse she agreed because she likes to shop. I just want to shopping and spend time with my family before they get busy again. So, I booked 5 tickets using onlinebooking. Then, I told my parent about this Bandung thing guess what. They agreed!. Now I am so excites and I can't wait for it. Plus, Tomorrow. I have an appointment with Dr.Zainuddin in Damansara. He is my new dentist. I am going to put on braces. Oh my.. I got butterflies. Dont know whats going to happen tommorow.

Last Night

Aiman Haziq

Tonight, is the last night for me to stay in Koleq for this year. So, i spent some quality time with my big brother, Aiman Haziq. I sent an instant message to him to wish him good luck for his SPM examination. 5 days left for him to prepare for the exam. Hope he can do well. So, he came to Pavillion after supper time to collect a souvenir from me. I gave him my red nike basketball training jersey. Then, we chat and he adviced me a lot. He gaves me his rugby jersey. Its quite big but its ok to me. After past midnight, he called me. I was asleep that time. I realised he called me when he already called me twice. I answered his third call. He told me that he got a 'NGA' for me and he wanted to give it to me but it seems like the wardens were at Pavillion that time so he had to hold it. While I was waiting for him to come, I checked my Messenger and my completed Jennifer's Body movie. I was asleep after that, then Iqbal woke me up because of my phone was ringing. I answered the call from Aiman Haziq and he told me that he was about to come. When he came, there were some other Form5s with him like Maram,Bidin, and a Form4 that I couldnt remember his name. So i ate the 'NGA' that he gaves me and we chat while watching the Jennifer's Body. After an hour, they got off. Before he leaved, I wished him again and he also hoping that he can meet me during the holiday. Well, I hope we can meet again. Maybe hangout at OU sometimes. I will ask Engku to come along. To Aiman Haziq, Goodluck with your SPM. To all form5s that are very close to me like Pia,Amer,Feqs,Hafiz,Uncle,Naim,Awang,Aiman Haris and others I wish all of you Goodluck! Do your best!. Hope we will meet again.





Aiman Haris

Its Not a Book, Its a Magazine

With all the efforts and passions that had been put through on making the Malay College Magazine, Finally, It had been completed successfully. Thanks to all the editorial board members, we had made it.

Words From a Man

Baby I just don't get it
Do you enjoy being hurt?
I know you smelled the perfume, the make-up on his shirt
You don't believe his stories
You know that they're all lies
Bad as you are, you stick around and I just don't know why

If I was ya man (baby you)
Never worry bout (what I do)
I'd be coming home (back to you)
Every night, doin' you right
You're the type of woman (deserves good thangs)
Fistful of diamonds (hand full of rings)
Baby you're a star (I just want to show you, you are)

You should let me love you
Let me be the one to give you everything you want and need
Baby good love and protection
Make me your selection
Show you the way love's supposed to be
Baby you should let me love you, love you, love you

Your true beauty's description looks so good that it hurts
You're a dime plus ninety-nine and it's a shame
Don't even know what you're worth
Everywhere you go they stop and stare
Cause you're bad and it shows
From your head to your toes, Out of control, baby you know

Lomography Time

I just uploaded new lomography pictures. Check it out in my facebook,myspace or for more just visit my flickr. Thanks.

My Eyes!!!!!

Im so not comfortable with my eyes right now. The pain, itchness, are killing me. I feel like I want to pop out my eyes and wash it with sanitizer or whatever. The administration allow me to go home. Maybe just for a while because I have to come back for the basketball tournament in Cameron. I plan to go home after the "prefect" thing. So, I'll see you guys this Thursday, just accompany you guys go shopping.. See Ya!!

Lady in Red

After this heart-broken guy had a difficult situation with his girlfriend until they were broke up that night. An 'angel' came to him right after he had a conversation with his girlfriend which is not now. This 'angel' comfort him and they were sweet. Now, the heart-broken guy didn't have to think about his ex-.. Its time to move on and get along with the 'angel'. Here we go again.. :P

She likes a 'Lady in Red'

Thanks A Lot

For The Comfort


Off To College

I have to go back to koleq to get it all my unfinished business done. I have to start working on the malay college magazines. Its nearly done but still, got to fix up some of things. Then, I have to submit my form to go to Korea this January for the students exchange programme. Lastly, the toughtest things to do is to keep up my stamina for the tournament in Cameron Highland. Improve your skills and the stamina are really difficult. So, I will be back next month. Althought I dont have anybody that cares about me, but still I got some friends to hang out or something. To all old 'buddies' your are in memories. Let bygone be bygone. Goodbye...














Last night was a wonderful night.Openhouse was held at my house.All my friends were there except my old 'buddies' from the primary school.All the guests enjoyed the food.Seriously,the 'kuey tiow' was great!.I can't stop eating it..haha..Then, I met with Fatin's parents. I was quite confused when her mom said "Afiz kan? Ni...Fatin kirim salam kat Afiz.Dier kate dier xdpat datang..coz pegi raya tempat lain" I was like" Fatin??!! Fatin mner erk??"..haha.."owh..xper lah auntie. kirim salam kat dier gak".. hahah i dont know what to say to her...

I was quite busy taking photos using the lomo..haha.. I started to get used to it.. its kinda cool. Then my dad allowed me to drive to 'Haji Tapah'. I took the car key and drove my sister's car to the mamak stall with my friends.Lots of crazy things happened in the car.So, we had a nice 'roti canai',chatting,taking pictures.When i got home,my relatives were kinda shocked when they saw me in the car as a driver.I enjoyed myself and I hope, all my friends will be come to my house next time...

MORE PICTURES IN MY:flickr,facebook,myspace(please click on my links)



Dear "Friends"

Seriously, All the stupid things that I had done! I felt so fool! I realised.. They played me, making fun of me, hyprocist!.. i felt so bad. I never felt like this before. Dear "oldfriends" go fuck! yourself! stay away from me!!... I dont want some of you in my life!... you read my words.. and, im not going to take it back.. You broke my heart...

The Arrivals

Since I started to watch The Arrivals... I had gained many secret informations covered up by the goverments. Im not to good in religious, but here I try my best to tell you guys that we have to wake up from these dreams made by them. Maybe some of you didnt get what I am trying to say.. but all I want to say is.. surf up to Youtube and search The Arrivals and start to watch it. Maybe It kinda boring for the first 3 episodes, but you will gain new and unexpected things around us...

New Gadget

Today, i went home early. I took a 9.00 a.m. bus from Kuala Kangsar to Kuala Lumpur. Then, I arrived in noon. I was quite bored and dont know what to do. My dad didn't picked me up today because he was been very busy with his meetings with his clients. So, he sent me a driver to pick me up. I took this chanced to make the driver droves me to Pavillion today haha. I bought a new Lomography Camera. Actually, this is my first time using it. And Im trying to get use to it. Quite cool..hahaha.

End Of Chapter

As you all know,all the PMR candidates had finished their examination including me.Maybe some of the subjects like Bahasa Melayu and Science were quite hard,but don't be so freak about it.Just be cool guys.Lets enjoy our youth while we still can.So all i want to say is.............



im going back tomorrow.its time to pack up.A week left for the PMR.i hope everything is going well.farewell everybody.see you another couple of weeks.lastly,im going to miss those hugs from her...

A Day

First day of 'Hari Raya' always be the best some pictures.. more on myspace and facebook


Ok.Here we go..
This is my lil cousin..
Syafieza Amira..
Its seem like..
she like to say
"Agak ah.."
I am wondering..
How many words "Agak ah.."
she says in 1 day..
Its freaking awesome..haha

There she goes again...
"Agak ah.." word

Happy Eid Everybody..
"Camwhoring Day"

I would like to thank her..
Thanks for everything..

Selamat Hari Raya so happy right now...Hari Raya is just around the corner..Although im going to sit for my PMR..but still.. this feeling to Hari Raya...i can't resist it..haha...Im so excited right now...can't wait to see my cousins...Aina,Syazana,Syafieza,Aiman,Mira & others....haha..this Hari Raya will be completely different than these past 2 years ago.. Im going back to my mom's kampung first at Kuala Pilah than to my dad's kampung in Temerloh...Guys... im going to wish all of you tonight... and ofcourse lah...i have to bring along my books also..have to revise some subjects...haha.. Selamat Hari Raya!!! im begging for your forgiveness!! hahaha


Since I started listening to this UK's Rock N Roll band,i think...this is the best rockband ever. They call themselves 'Kasabian'... .Fire,Empire,Clubfoot,Reason is Treason, and Underdog are awesome.These songs makes me feel so alive..haha