Cats In the Cradle

Here I am. Typing something that I do not know when Its going to end. I am still can't believe that my PMR result ended with 7A's 1B. I failed to make it because of the 'Pendidikan Agama Islam'. In my lifetime in Malay College, This is the first time I got 'B' for my 'Pendidikan Agama Islam'. Curse you 'Pak Lebai' that marked my paper. I am going to recheck my paper this Monday. The college ask for it because I am not the only person that got 'B' for Agama. Some of the top students also got 'B' for Agama. So I hope It will change. Its like waiting for someone to save you in the darkness but still you have a candle the helps you to find the way out.

Owh, One more thing. This is Amirul Naim, my bestfriend. Congratulations! He managed to score 9A's in PMR. Wonderful! Guess what. He wants to further his studies in Malay College. Welcome my friend. Welcome to the Gentlemen.

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