Chickens Festival

Yesterday was a good day, started with a very good view of chickens, lots of chickens. Actually there was a 'amali sembelihan'. Everyone was at the Big School. I was kinda excited and can't wait to slaughter the chickens. So, all the form 4s were given knifes and before we started, our 'ustaz' briefed us about the 'hukum sembelihan'. Then, we got our self ready by sharpened our knifes. I slaughtered 2 chickens and it was my new experience. After that, I roasted them and ate it during lunch time. I got some pictures.

Owh, by the way. Malay College Kuala Kangsar joined the 'Earh Hour' program. So, last night all the collegians were at the field, count down the last 10 seconds before the lights went out. Then we watched a movie in the Hargreaves Hall. :)

I Got The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World

I felt so awful of what happened last night. Its like somekind of joke to me. Actually, it was suddenly happened and I wish that I was never asked about it. Owh my, unlucky for me. I was so just little too late. But, it realised me something, something that I should know a quite time ago. It was a good motivation and I am really thankful to you. Thanks a lot. When I woke up this morning, I can't barely get off from my bed, kept thinking about it. But now, I can control my emotion and I will be just fine. Unlucky me. Its like I almost have 'I Got The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World' but now it turned to 'I Got The Worse Night In The Whole Wide World'. Thanks to you little miss sunshine.

God Bless The Sweat

Actually, I dont know what is going on. My performance is getting worse, day by day. I had this kind of injury since 3 months ago. My back can't barely turn. I only manages to turn halfway. This thing is really messed up my game. Now, my stamina is horrible. Defensive system is out of tune. Owh my, I got to change this. I already started with my own training sessions every morning. My target is that, I can keep up or at least maintain my stamina. Then, a really solid defensive system if I want to get back my feet in the court. So wish me good luck. Its a new target to be in the PHT Cup's team. "No pain, No gain"

Sweet Revenge

I just got back from North Zone Basketball Tournament, I am so tired right now. So, once again congratulations to Cagers(Malay College Basketball Team) for defending the 9th times champion streak in North Zone Basketball Tournament. Guys, I am so impressed. The way the game play you had shown, I guaranteed, Cagers will win the PHT cup. Although I can't give score or what so ever to you guys. But, still I give all my full support till the end of the chapter of Cagers 10. Good luck and all the best. :D I hope I can recover fast.


Hey guys, i just signed up the I dont know what it is, but you can take a look and ask whatever you want to ask. Then I'll respond it later. Thank You.

Lonely Ranger

Hey guys, its been a while I didn't write on my blog. Ok, here we go. I am so addicted to Weezer right now. All the songs are so great. The meaning of their songs are beyond praise. Then, I am in a very cloud nine mood right now, the basketball training sessions had ended today! I am so exhausted. Its time to take a break from this dribbling thing. But still, there are some reports, presentation, and performance that I have to do. At night, I will be in the Prefectorial Room practicing the 'Zapin' traditional dance till 3 o'clock in the morning for the Korea Students Exchange Programme at Hjoungsan High School,Seoul. Then, I have to settle down the form 3s problems at the Pavillion. Ahh man, when is the time that I can take a break?. :P OK. Enough with the typing, I'll try to update this blog later. See you guys this holiday.