Lonely Ranger

Hey guys, its been a while I didn't write on my blog. Ok, here we go. I am so addicted to Weezer right now. All the songs are so great. The meaning of their songs are beyond praise. Then, I am in a very cloud nine mood right now, the basketball training sessions had ended today! I am so exhausted. Its time to take a break from this dribbling thing. But still, there are some reports, presentation, and performance that I have to do. At night, I will be in the Prefectorial Room practicing the 'Zapin' traditional dance till 3 o'clock in the morning for the Korea Students Exchange Programme at Hjoungsan High School,Seoul. Then, I have to settle down the form 3s problems at the Pavillion. Ahh man, when is the time that I can take a break?. :P OK. Enough with the typing, I'll try to update this blog later. See you guys this holiday.

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