MidTerm Examinations

Tomorrow,I am going to sit for my mid-year examinations and I am still didn't prepare any of the subjects. Chemistry papers will be the opening for tomorrow. I am so freaking out right now. Hope that everything is going to be just fine. My target for this examination is "NO FAIL". So, I guess this is it, please pray for me.


Everything we fight for seems to get shot down
No one seems to notice it’s like we ain’t around
You tear us into pieces, and throw us here and there
No one knows how much we care
So much pain
So many tears
So much hurt
When we gonna learn, oh
We got to give our best, and push until we break on through
We’re shooting straight for the top
Our engine never will stop
This is our destiny nothings too good to be
We know the score we gonna break down the door,
You wished you were at lunch
This time we got a hunch,
We’re the underdogs

Forever & Always

First of all, I would like to thank to all my new friends in Jungsan Highschool. You guys had been such a good friend and very cool. I got a lot of precious experienced with you guys. We sang along some songs, got dumped into the seawater, shared stories, played cards, and many more. I will miss you guys, well I already started too. Hope we will meet again especially SoYoung, Su, Reina, Han-Sun, Kim-Hyo and the others. To Kim-Hyo, I miss you voice so much!. Wish you were here sing along with me haha. Great experienced guys, and by the way, thanks to my foster parents for being such a good parents. Finally, haha.. thanks for the intro of SNSD,Kara,WonderGirls & After School. I kinda like it now. Good luck guys! Hope we meet again.

I will upload the photos later.. :)

Learn To Fly

Few hours left, before I fly to Seoul, South Korea to join the leadership program with the Jungsan High School. I am so excited but a lil bit nervous because I am going to perform 'traditional dance' and present the education system of Malaysia. I hope I will make it. By the way, I am the only guy that going to stay with girl for my foster parents program. Am I lucky or what? Haha. Her name is So-young and I can't wait to get to know her well. So, I will be back next week on 10th April. See you guys and I'll try to buy souvenirs as many as I can.

No More

It was raining heavily, all the Cagers went to the squash court during the training session. I just got recovered from my injury, I started to feel my legs back as usual. I can run, even turn in faster than before. I was quite satisfied and ready for the next training. Suddenly, the coach announced the 12 players that going to play in PHT and the other 3 players that going to fight for the places. Sadness strike me, I was kinda shocked when my name is the first one to be called. He said "Apez, sorry your not in". No more for me. Farewell.