Say Its Over

Ok people, I had gone way to far now. Seems like its time for me to back off and move on with my life. It was so not me. Why everybody should be a pretender? I want it to be true. Maybe some of you didn't know what I am crapping in the blog right now but here it is, I realized that everything is wasting time. I am not going to act or live like that. People change, every seconds, every minutes, they change their mind. So do I, I have to left it behind. I am so bored and I am done with it. I felt hot & cold. The element that everybody familiar of. Its time for me to move on and let it be. Its time for someone else to feel it. Everybody is going to face it but they just didn't realize about it. Well, good luck to those still searching the meaning of it. I got mine.

Home. SweeeeeT!!!

Yeay!!!.. I have been waiting for this moment for too long.. finally!!!.. Its time to go home fellas!!


Angels & Airwaves

This is it. A new band that I just starting to like and I love their songs. So fresh and inspire.

A Fresh Start

Its been a long time since I posted my last post. Well I have been busy with some other things and I am to lazy to update my blog. So thanks for the wake up call. Its a fresh new start for me. Here we go again :P