Must Get Out

Mauriske? You know what I mean. :)

Hey people, this is my new post and I just want you to know that I am doing just fine. Nothing much, just a lil bit busy with other things right now. My skin is getting darker day by day, due to the training sessions. Damn what else, Owh yeah to tweet people, just ignore it ok hahaha. It was absolutely nothing. It is not like what you think, maybe some of you read it and think something is really going on with me. To be honest, I'm having the ordinary life and nothing extra hahaha to top it all my life in Malay College is as usual. Owh yeah, I want to go to Maroon 5 so bad! but I don't know whether I am free or not that week. Hope that it will be an off weekend for me. Thank you to my dear friend that already reserved 1 ticket for me. :)

The days are cold living without you,
The nights are long, I'm growing older,
I miss the days of old, thinking about you,
You may be gone, but you are never over.....

Looking Up

Ok I am so excited right now. It has been a long time I didn't feel like this. Things are looking up right now, everything is going back to normal. No more conflicts from both managers of Cagers, no more worries about anything and I am very thankful on what had happened for the past few days. I am happy even though some other things didn't worked very well and I am over it. It is time to move on. I have to accept the fact and that how the world works right? So I think my holiday this time was a great one because before this, I spent my holidays on the basketball tours . Now I have the chance to settle down for awhile before the new season begin. It is time to start work out and of course a lot of extra efforts on my studies. Damn I hate SPM. Hmmm.. what else, owh yeah. Yesterday I went to the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya. I was there from 6p.m. till 10p.m. It was awesome event and I really enjoyed.

what a bad start but ended up with a very wonderful ending that night.

Photos will be upload later I guess.....

Quest for Glory

Good news everybody. Cagers won the North Zone Championship and it is time for The Finals in Tunku Kurshiah College in Seremban. Won this cup is just another step forward before we reach our goal, this is our Quest for Glory by winning back the PHT Cup that has been two years away from the Cagers.We played well although the starting games were awful because we didn't played according to our standard. We do tried a few plays but still we had to put a lot of effort on it. Can't reached my phone to text anybody during the tournament due to tiredness and full focus to the games. I can't wait to play for the national. Ok, now it is time for term break for a week. I do plan a few things for the holiday and I hope it will be just fine without any disturb.

*I am waiting for my parent to pick me up, the form5s just finished the extra classes since Friday, finally we free to go now. Just for awhile. Enjoy the holiday!

Black Ice

I am so bored and I want to write something, so here it is. Lets start with this week that was absolutely plain and nothing special. Always blurred in class and I already started doing my revisions. Good thing to know huh. The Rugby 7 was awesome. The event was powered by DiGi and many of the students got Blackberry Curve as they won the lucky draw. Damn I didn't get one, all my numbers were not lucky at all. Hmmmm what else>> owh the North Zone Basketball Championship will be held at Bagan Datoh,Perak. This is another platform before the Cagers go for The Finals in Seremban. My career as a Cagers is almost over now. A few tournaments left now. Then I am good to go.

to those that got the Blackberry, "dah boleh BBM dah tu" :D

Zombie Love

" I love you more than zombies love brains " :)

A Poster :D

Just so you know

It was really something and you know it. I know you already know it and I guess you just want me to say it. So there you go, the answer for the previous post. Now you know why, and how much I care about you. You know everything now... and you want the time to bring us together. No matter what, I am here waiting for you.

I'm not fooling around

The examinations just ended and it is a good relieve for people like me that never revise anything before taking the exams and yeah this time I did it again and it was not a good habit. I should start studying seriously. I have been busy since last 2 weeks and didn't have time and there are so many things that I want to write about but It can't pop out from my 'brain'. :)

I just want you to know that, I am serious..
I am not perfect and maybe I am not the kind of guy of your dreams,
I have changed a lot and you are the one that inspired me,
maybe it sounds foolish but I am truly sincere,

There is no other girl around that can make me feel this way,
You are the only one and truthfully I am glad,
I will do anything for you and I will prove it,
I want to make you happy, make you smile,
Forget the past, who cares?
I want to give the best of me...


The Answer

It is kinda hard to express it but I think this will help

I Am A Single Lady So Put A Ring On It!

Last Saturday was another cock and bull story for us as one of our cousins was engaged. I was not planned to go home as I had to perform at the Fashion Show Runaway at Istana Hotel at 3 p.m. But when I received a call from one of the cousins telling that Kak Yan was getting engaged, so I had to cancel my show and rushed back home to attend it. Alhamdullilah, I made it and it was another happy moments and to Kak Yan, congratulations and hope you will always happy till the end of time. :)

Knockin on Heaven's Door

At this timing, I feel something is missing and really bothering me. I try to move on and think something else instead every time I entered the Edit Room and wish you were right there in front of the iMac browsing Macbeth. Apparently it will not happen because Allah S.W.T loves your more. I found this picture of us in the iMac and really miss you bro. I still remember all the great memories we had been through together.There are so many things that I want to share with you but I guess I just have to keep it. No matter what Engku Arif Adlan, I will always pray for you brother. Hope you always fine there.

I Am Not A Bieber Fan

Saturday Night B.O.R.I.N.G!

Owh man, today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday. School is going to start on Monday. Damn, too lazy to start schooling back. Homework still not complete yet. When I started to this homework, felt like want to do the other one, when I do the other one, felt like want to tweeting and check on my facebook. Haihhh, memang x siap lah. Just touch up here and there. Tomorrow night is going to be struggling la for those that still didn't finish up their homework. Ok, my routine for today was so boring. Woke up late today as I am the only one that injured so I don't have to come down for the training. Then, cleaned up my room that really in mess. Everybody was not around as they went out for outing today and I just lay down on my beddoing nothing but facebook and tweeting on my phone. I was in my room till evening kot. Lama gila. I had my lunch in my room as my junior brought it from the town. Hah, then Shahira Zainul tweeted me about Justin Bieber. Yes, I admitted it, I checked the ticket but I am not a bieber fan ok. Just checked the ticket je haha. I tried to call the Rock Corner but there was no answer, maybe the staffs out for lunch or something. Sorry dear, never going to admit it.. hahaha.. In the evening, I came down to the court to get some fresh air. Just watched the boys had their training session then suddenly, our coach called all the players including me to give some comments about each of the players specifically and I was glad to hear that I am doing just fine and improved a lot. So thanks for everything coach, I know you are no longer coaching us as you are getting older. We love you coach. All the best!

Owh, by the way. I just checked on the Neon Trees band and I like what I just found out. The drummer of the band is a girl. Awesome gila! Her name is Elaine Bradley and she is kinda pretty also. I like her style and her voice as a second vocalist is so 'sedap weyhh' haha. I like to watch one of the video which is 'Baby' Cover by Neon Trees. She played the acoustic and sang as a harmony. Cool babe! Hope you guys will come down to Malaysia and make some noise!!!

A Young Boy Conquered The Whole Stadium

I just can't believed what I had just found out. Justin Bieber conquered the show, he got the whole Stadium of Bukit Jalil but Paramore Concert only got 1/4 of the stadium last year.Owh my, seems like a teenager boy got more attentions from Malaysian people. Definitely most of them are girls lah not boys haha. I heard that the tickets are sold out, the tickets flowed away like water or something.I remembered the time that I bought Paramore tickets, I still got 3 RockZone Tickets 24hours before the show. 'tak boleh blah lah'. Owh well, Bieber Fever is allover the people that eager to go right now. To those that already got the ticket, "Have fun lah". To those that still crying, screaming for the ticket, "Pandai-pandai la cari" :D.

The Reds

I am a big fan of Liverpool FC. So shut the hell up guys! I know Liverpool did not performed well for these few seasons but still, I am on of The Reds. No matter what, I will stick with Liverpool. I know some of you guys support the team according to the teams that always on top of the chart or the team that has some of good looking players. But still, Liverpool have it too right. Owh yeah, last night match was awesome. A fantastic goal from Suarez although it looked so 'nasib' but still 'somat' and to Fernando Torres, you such a son of a bitch dowh! you look so gay in blue. Seriously, you should stay in Liverpool and wear the reds. I have a good feeling that Liverpool will give full blast for the whole season. COME ON THE REDS!


When it come to happy and enjoyment time, it will synonym with summer time. So here I am, summer time for me although I am not around right now but still I am happy to be with the basketballers at MCKK. We did many things that break the rules such as fly out during night time and day time too hahaha.. and many more. So, today's training was 'oklah' since the coach was not around because of his sickness maybe. We just played around and my side played well today I guess with a very good defensive system made by us. :)

By the way, this picture above showing that I am wearing a clown bell hat and the reason is that, there is a wonderful moment happened today between Fatin & Balok so I am happy for it and this picture pictures me "I am a clown that makes everyone happy" :D

No Sweat!

During Kampar Trip
Spritzer Cup at Ipoh
MCKKCagers Vs SDARRedWings

Basically, I just want to share about today's activities. Kinda bored actually and full of tiredness. I started the basketball training at 7 o'clock. It was still dark outside when the Cagers went down to the court. I was so sleepy but still, had to train right. We just did some drills and formations asked by the coach. We did the same things over and over again until 10 o'clock. Then Walaaa! GameTime!! The time we were waiting for. We played well actually but when it came to the evening training session, we played awful against the special Chinese New Year team from Kuala Kangsar. Damn, we played badly. This is because of overslept during the silence hours. 0_0" the game ended with 60-52. Just now, we just had our 'prep time' did some homework and now I feel so hungry. Need something to eat now :)

Perfect Situation

Hey there! It has been a quite long time since I updated my last post. The last ti
me was the Paramore thing. Damn 'lamagila'. So here it is, trying to get the tempo of blogging haha. Recently thing is that the CNY break is already started but as usual the CAGERS has to stay for the training camp. Well we already get used to it. Sorry to the oth
ers because we cant meet up or something. Maybe after the championship I guess. Last night was a memorable thing for me and the other basketball players. I was in my editorial room last night, then Syafiq,Iqbal,Hisyam,Danial,Openg,Chiaw came to pay a visit and yeah ,they messed up with the iMac. -_-"

Then around 10 p.m. , we decided to fly out from the campus and have some very nice 'Nasi Goreng Ayam'. It was ok and cleared, the wardens were not around maybe because of the weekend. I am the last one to sneak out as I had to go back to my room to get my wallet. After the very nice supper, We went back to the east wing and everybody was a bit tired and try to settle down early as the training will start at 7 a.m. and before I went to bed, I was Messenger with Fatin as there was a interesting thing to discuss. Alright, I think it is enough for this timing. I want to take my nap now. Kinda tired with today training session.