I Am Not A Bieber Fan

Saturday Night B.O.R.I.N.G!

Owh man, today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday. School is going to start on Monday. Damn, too lazy to start schooling back. Homework still not complete yet. When I started to this homework, felt like want to do the other one, when I do the other one, felt like want to tweeting and check on my facebook. Haihhh, memang x siap lah. Just touch up here and there. Tomorrow night is going to be struggling la for those that still didn't finish up their homework. Ok, my routine for today was so boring. Woke up late today as I am the only one that injured so I don't have to come down for the training. Then, cleaned up my room that really in mess. Everybody was not around as they went out for outing today and I just lay down on my beddoing nothing but facebook and tweeting on my phone. I was in my room till evening kot. Lama gila. I had my lunch in my room as my junior brought it from the town. Hah, then Shahira Zainul tweeted me about Justin Bieber. Yes, I admitted it, I checked the ticket but I am not a bieber fan ok. Just checked the ticket je haha. I tried to call the Rock Corner but there was no answer, maybe the staffs out for lunch or something. Sorry dear, never going to admit it.. hahaha.. In the evening, I came down to the court to get some fresh air. Just watched the boys had their training session then suddenly, our coach called all the players including me to give some comments about each of the players specifically and I was glad to hear that I am doing just fine and improved a lot. So thanks for everything coach, I know you are no longer coaching us as you are getting older. We love you coach. All the best!

Owh, by the way. I just checked on the Neon Trees band and I like what I just found out. The drummer of the band is a girl. Awesome gila! Her name is Elaine Bradley and she is kinda pretty also. I like her style and her voice as a second vocalist is so 'sedap weyhh' haha. I like to watch one of the video which is 'Baby' Cover by Neon Trees. She played the acoustic and sang as a harmony. Cool babe! Hope you guys will come down to Malaysia and make some noise!!!

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