Pavillion Part 2

this is for you...

Merdeka Sale

Ok.yesterday..i went to the Pavillion for sixth times in a week!!...seriously im getting bored to go i went there for shopping because of the Merdeka Sale!...i only went to some of my favourite stores only like Dirty English,Padini,Armani Exchange,Zara..and others..thats why lah we went back early around 5p.m. i didnt go to Topman this time because i already went there last cuti and i dont like their new i went to Mook..bought some t-shirts and then i realized.there were many Diana F lomography camera! its only RM410 per set...i want to buy it after hari raya.I bought something for Shira too...Just simple2..i wont pass to her...i will give it...maybe later..sorry.. anyway..i bought a birthday present...i hope she will like it..

My To-Do List so bored right i come up with a list..that tells everything that i want to do after the PMR....i hope it all happens..haha

1.gone back to my house to attend 'openhouse'
2.invites all my friends to come to my house. a Diana F lomography camera using my own money.
so damn cheap only RM 410 per set.
4.start built up my stamina and body for basketball. with my friends.
6.try to stay in Seremban as long as i can so i can meet up with Shira.
7.Treat her well and more caring. some unfinished business.
10.attend a guitar class. new wears. Iphone 3G S.
13.decorate my dull room.
14.try to join end year camp.
15.make new friends.
16.have a nice vacation in Switzerland.
17.bring alots of chocolates from Switz.
18.give to my 'special one'.
19.attend basketball camp.
20.i dont know.... i'll update later.


I hate PMR so much..
it gives me hell.!!!
staying home and have to study...
can't go with friends?absolutely not... i am..seating here all day long..


Today dah termasuk 3 times i went to Pavillion with my family within these getting bored to go there but apatah daya....terpaksa follow my mom and my sis shopping.

Ok...the firstday was last friday,after the 'Jumaat' prayer.Me and my dad went to pavillion to pick up some things.Then i went to a optic shop(i couldnt remember the name)hahaha...i choose 2 oldskool frames...haha.rayban and wooden made..the wooden made kinda unique so i grab it before someone does..haha..

Gone to Pavillion to pick up my frames...then round2 jap...AHHA! i found some tops and bottoms at Topman...then GAP and some other stores...i was kinda excited to shop..haha..but my dad said "wait for Afiq Danial to come home,u shopping together with him this saturday"...argghhh.... damned it...but its ok... i have to wait for gemok to come home..haha.

Im getting bored....please help mom and my sis brought me there to help them shop...argghhh i knew that im gonna be a 'paperbagboy' for that day.First, i refused to..
then they kept pujuk n pujuk untill i kinda fed up then go!...

This n my bro will go shop for our things!! YEah.Finally.


Now I am looking for polaroid or lomo camera...some of my friends said you can buy it at Pavillion. So i will go today and try to find it...These are some of my polaroid pictures...haha....used Poladroid. So cool...

my things....

Sungai buloh...

Weekend break

secret recipe


IM GOING HOME....!!!!!

Nice One

This is for U.....

Boring Saturday

my snack plate

new JuNk

Dorm 3A's Stereo

Im gonna pass it to Afiq Danial


Saturdays are suppose to be fun and enjoy..but this saturday(15.8.2009) was a very bored day... collegians were supposed to get back to college before 2p.m. ...because of the H1N1 the admin was quite worried bout this thing.... i went to town by 9.30 a.m. after i got my punishment from Perfect Naem....because i called him 'gay'...actually im not....there was misunderstood...haha.. but it was ok... i went breakfast at RotiSegar...then CC...played Company of Heroes.....bought my things at Guardian....then KFC....snack plate(take away) i got back to college by 2.30 p.m., i dont know what to i collected all the new magazines from my dormmates..then i read on my single-bed.....I only got Clive and JuNk magazines...but my friends didnt read it...i was fall asleep.. when i woke up... it was already 5.30 p.m. so went around the Pavillion and took some pictures... here are some pictures....for my boring saturday.....

Picture Tells Everything

Amiruddin Abdul Satar (kiri) bertukar memorandum persefahaman dengan Mohd. Khairuddin Abdul Manan sambil disaksikan Adnan Yaakob di Kuantan, semalam.

firstly,i wanna say 2 izzat rahman...sorrylah x cyer aper yng ko ckap bout my dad msuk paper... i was totally not believed u that tyme.....gelak gler2 aq bler dngar...then i found this pics in NST online....u r proved it....haha...

Just a Round The Mamak's Corner

ARGHHH!!!!!DAMN IT!!!!!!