My To-Do List so bored right i come up with a list..that tells everything that i want to do after the PMR....i hope it all happens..haha

1.gone back to my house to attend 'openhouse'
2.invites all my friends to come to my house. a Diana F lomography camera using my own money.
so damn cheap only RM 410 per set.
4.start built up my stamina and body for basketball. with my friends.
6.try to stay in Seremban as long as i can so i can meet up with Shira.
7.Treat her well and more caring. some unfinished business.
10.attend a guitar class. new wears. Iphone 3G S.
13.decorate my dull room.
14.try to join end year camp.
15.make new friends.
16.have a nice vacation in Switzerland.
17.bring alots of chocolates from Switz.
18.give to my 'special one'.
19.attend basketball camp.
20.i dont know.... i'll update later.

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