Pavillion Part 2

this is for you...

Merdeka Sale

Ok.yesterday..i went to the Pavillion for sixth times in a week!!...seriously im getting bored to go i went there for shopping because of the Merdeka Sale!...i only went to some of my favourite stores only like Dirty English,Padini,Armani Exchange,Zara..and others..thats why lah we went back early around 5p.m. i didnt go to Topman this time because i already went there last cuti and i dont like their new i went to Mook..bought some t-shirts and then i realized.there were many Diana F lomography camera! its only RM410 per set...i want to buy it after hari raya.I bought something for Shira too...Just simple2..i wont pass to her...i will give it...maybe later..sorry.. anyway..i bought a birthday present...i hope she will like it..

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