Today dah termasuk 3 times i went to Pavillion with my family within these getting bored to go there but apatah daya....terpaksa follow my mom and my sis shopping.

Ok...the firstday was last friday,after the 'Jumaat' prayer.Me and my dad went to pavillion to pick up some things.Then i went to a optic shop(i couldnt remember the name)hahaha...i choose 2 oldskool frames...haha.rayban and wooden made..the wooden made kinda unique so i grab it before someone does..haha..

Gone to Pavillion to pick up my frames...then round2 jap...AHHA! i found some tops and bottoms at Topman...then GAP and some other stores...i was kinda excited to shop..haha..but my dad said "wait for Afiq Danial to come home,u shopping together with him this saturday"...argghhh.... damned it...but its ok... i have to wait for gemok to come home..haha.

Im getting bored....please help mom and my sis brought me there to help them shop...argghhh i knew that im gonna be a 'paperbagboy' for that day.First, i refused to..
then they kept pujuk n pujuk untill i kinda fed up then go!...

This n my bro will go shop for our things!! YEah.Finally.