No Sweat!

During Kampar Trip
Spritzer Cup at Ipoh
MCKKCagers Vs SDARRedWings

Basically, I just want to share about today's activities. Kinda bored actually and full of tiredness. I started the basketball training at 7 o'clock. It was still dark outside when the Cagers went down to the court. I was so sleepy but still, had to train right. We just did some drills and formations asked by the coach. We did the same things over and over again until 10 o'clock. Then Walaaa! GameTime!! The time we were waiting for. We played well actually but when it came to the evening training session, we played awful against the special Chinese New Year team from Kuala Kangsar. Damn, we played badly. This is because of overslept during the silence hours. 0_0" the game ended with 60-52. Just now, we just had our 'prep time' did some homework and now I feel so hungry. Need something to eat now :)

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