Black Ice

I am so bored and I want to write something, so here it is. Lets start with this week that was absolutely plain and nothing special. Always blurred in class and I already started doing my revisions. Good thing to know huh. The Rugby 7 was awesome. The event was powered by DiGi and many of the students got Blackberry Curve as they won the lucky draw. Damn I didn't get one, all my numbers were not lucky at all. Hmmmm what else>> owh the North Zone Basketball Championship will be held at Bagan Datoh,Perak. This is another platform before the Cagers go for The Finals in Seremban. My career as a Cagers is almost over now. A few tournaments left now. Then I am good to go.

to those that got the Blackberry, "dah boleh BBM dah tu" :D

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