Quest for Glory

Good news everybody. Cagers won the North Zone Championship and it is time for The Finals in Tunku Kurshiah College in Seremban. Won this cup is just another step forward before we reach our goal, this is our Quest for Glory by winning back the PHT Cup that has been two years away from the Cagers.We played well although the starting games were awful because we didn't played according to our standard. We do tried a few plays but still we had to put a lot of effort on it. Can't reached my phone to text anybody during the tournament due to tiredness and full focus to the games. I can't wait to play for the national. Ok, now it is time for term break for a week. I do plan a few things for the holiday and I hope it will be just fine without any disturb.

*I am waiting for my parent to pick me up, the form5s just finished the extra classes since Friday, finally we free to go now. Just for awhile. Enjoy the holiday!

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