Forever & Always

First of all, I would like to thank to all my new friends in Jungsan Highschool. You guys had been such a good friend and very cool. I got a lot of precious experienced with you guys. We sang along some songs, got dumped into the seawater, shared stories, played cards, and many more. I will miss you guys, well I already started too. Hope we will meet again especially SoYoung, Su, Reina, Han-Sun, Kim-Hyo and the others. To Kim-Hyo, I miss you voice so much!. Wish you were here sing along with me haha. Great experienced guys, and by the way, thanks to my foster parents for being such a good parents. Finally, haha.. thanks for the intro of SNSD,Kara,WonderGirls & After School. I kinda like it now. Good luck guys! Hope we meet again.

I will upload the photos later.. :)

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