Chickens Festival

Yesterday was a good day, started with a very good view of chickens, lots of chickens. Actually there was a 'amali sembelihan'. Everyone was at the Big School. I was kinda excited and can't wait to slaughter the chickens. So, all the form 4s were given knifes and before we started, our 'ustaz' briefed us about the 'hukum sembelihan'. Then, we got our self ready by sharpened our knifes. I slaughtered 2 chickens and it was my new experience. After that, I roasted them and ate it during lunch time. I got some pictures.

Owh, by the way. Malay College Kuala Kangsar joined the 'Earh Hour' program. So, last night all the collegians were at the field, count down the last 10 seconds before the lights went out. Then we watched a movie in the Hargreaves Hall. :)

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