Its Time To Go

Well, I'll be going to Cameron tomorrow to join the training sessions special for some of the players that had been choosen by Mr.Liew. Thanks for believing me, I'll try my best to play my role as a Cagers. Althought, I have to sacrifice my happy days,hangout, or what so ever. I know, the benefits that I will get are much better. Its ok. 2 years left, I can handle it. So guys, I'll be back home maybe end of December after I get my PMR result. I hope my result is ok. See you.

Last night. I played ball with my neighbour, Mokhriss. He is very cool. Then he came out with this crazy idea. He recorded me while I was doing some of the dribbles,jump shots, and lay-ups. So, this is it. LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!! check it out on my Facebook. I can't upload it here due to some problem. I dont know.

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