Last Night

Aiman Haziq

Tonight, is the last night for me to stay in Koleq for this year. So, i spent some quality time with my big brother, Aiman Haziq. I sent an instant message to him to wish him good luck for his SPM examination. 5 days left for him to prepare for the exam. Hope he can do well. So, he came to Pavillion after supper time to collect a souvenir from me. I gave him my red nike basketball training jersey. Then, we chat and he adviced me a lot. He gaves me his rugby jersey. Its quite big but its ok to me. After past midnight, he called me. I was asleep that time. I realised he called me when he already called me twice. I answered his third call. He told me that he got a 'NGA' for me and he wanted to give it to me but it seems like the wardens were at Pavillion that time so he had to hold it. While I was waiting for him to come, I checked my Messenger and my completed Jennifer's Body movie. I was asleep after that, then Iqbal woke me up because of my phone was ringing. I answered the call from Aiman Haziq and he told me that he was about to come. When he came, there were some other Form5s with him like Maram,Bidin, and a Form4 that I couldnt remember his name. So i ate the 'NGA' that he gaves me and we chat while watching the Jennifer's Body. After an hour, they got off. Before he leaved, I wished him again and he also hoping that he can meet me during the holiday. Well, I hope we can meet again. Maybe hangout at OU sometimes. I will ask Engku to come along. To Aiman Haziq, Goodluck with your SPM. To all form5s that are very close to me like Pia,Amer,Feqs,Hafiz,Uncle,Naim,Awang,Aiman Haris and others I wish all of you Goodluck! Do your best!. Hope we will meet again.





Aiman Haris

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