Fly Away

Yesterday, I bought a Playstation 3 and a set of Rockband instruments. The consoles are kinda cool and I can't stop playing the NBA10.Its driving me crazy.Ok, heres the thing. My parent will be going to Calirfonia and San Fransisco next a couple of weeks.Ofcourse not for vacation but business matter.So my siblings and I are too lazy to follow them because we actually have our plan for this holiday. I have my guitar lessons,the basketball training programme is coming right up, my sister has her seminar, and my brother will be going to Scotland with his friends. So, I have this crazy idea about going to Bandung before my parent go to United State. I already discussed with my sister and ofcourse she agreed because she likes to shop. I just want to shopping and spend time with my family before they get busy again. So, I booked 5 tickets using onlinebooking. Then, I told my parent about this Bandung thing guess what. They agreed!. Now I am so excites and I can't wait for it. Plus, Tomorrow. I have an appointment with Dr.Zainuddin in Damansara. He is my new dentist. I am going to put on braces. Oh my.. I got butterflies. Dont know whats going to happen tommorow.

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