Been With 'Jarheads' For A Couple of Days

I just got back from The Royal Military College and I can't get into my 'cube' right now. So while waiting for my 'cubemate' to get back, so let me tell a bit what is going on for the last 3 days at The Royal Military College. Ok, I met Izzul, he is 'newboy' at the college, and he is the only 'jarhead' I know at that college. I am one of the representatives from Malay College Kuala Kangsar to play basketball, and guess what. My team won the match but we played kinda bad that morning, there are many things to be fix up before the tournament. Then, I got a new experienced, wielded a M-16 and a pistol. It was awesome, I did took some shots, I was kinda nervous because, it was my first time holding it. I managed to shoot down some of the plates. It was a great weekend. Next event for this upcoming weekend, Sports Day. Good luck guys, especially Mohd Shah House, hope we still the champion for this year. AUMM!!!!!!

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