Rest in Peace

Now, after mid night and I am still laying on the bed thinking about him. I am still in shock on what had happened to him. Engku Arif Adlan. He is my one year senior and he had tough me a lot and I wont forget about him. When I woke up this morning, I realized that there were more than 10 missed calls from different callers. Then, Are called me and he told me that "he's gone". In the beginning, I thought it was a joke but it wasn't. He died in an accident and it was very tragic. May Allah bless him. I will miss you Engku. :(

30 minutes ago, I was rearranging my things in my room. Suddenly, I found something that reminded of him. I was speechless and I stunted. I was holding it and I realized that this is the thing that he was been looking for since he stayed a night at my house. I found it, I found it on that day. the day that I never going to see him again and I didn't have a chance to return it back.

Every moment I hold my camera, Every picture that I take, Every step that I take with a tripod behind me...... It will reminds me of You. Farewell.

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