New Found Glory

Hello 2010!!! I had a good start today. Pretty awesome. I went to Bangsar to buy my 'school things'. Urgh.. I hate to go back to college. So I got some casual wears from G2000 and a pair of leather shoes for my daily school day. And I have to go back tomorrow. Damn it, Im not ready for it. One more thing, there is one song by Weezer that makes me feel so fall into pieces. Ah man, I hate it. But the song is quite good to listen. I like the lyrics. So, there you go. Weezer's new album "Ratitude".The dog is pretty cute.haha. 'I Dont Want To Let You Go' is the fall apart song. I can't take it anymore. haha. Well so long brothers and sisters. Im going back to The Gentlemen. See you guys next time. Im gonna miss you guys a lot. And by the way, I had a good time with some of new friends these few days. Thanks a lot and hope we will meet again. Farewell( I miss my hair)

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