Asian YingYang from South

I'm home, but just for a while. I had been very busy lately with the basketball, form 1 students, candidate from Indonesia, take care of form 3 students. Been a prefect is not an easy job. I had to sacrifice many things. I already duty on stage about 2 times. The first time was really made my stomach sick. I'm so nervous, but the second time was pretty good. I was a bit calmed but still my legs shaken. Owh by the way. I had been offered by the school to represent Malaysia to go to South Korea. Due to connect the bond between Malay College and one of the school at South Korea. So, its like I have to promote Malaysia to them. I hope I can make it. Thanks to the administration for giving me this oppurtinity to outshine myself. I'll be going to South Korea about a couple of months by now. So see you guys around. :P

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