I'm home!!! Just for a couple of days.First week of school, I can say that "AWESOME!". I like my classmates. I call it "The Abandoned Fools". The teachers are very cool. Science stream makes me feel that some bugs flying around in my stomach. Urgh, I have to put lot of effort now, can't fooling around like old days. For your information, I'm one of the seniors that still live in Pavillion, because of my duty to take care of the juniors. Seriously, I'm not happy with it. It seems like Big School looks more happening. Ok, second week of school is coming right up, I'm getting busier day by day. The form 1 students are going to sign up into Malay College. Welcome FRESHMEN!!!!

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  1. i hav several friends from mckk. yah i found dat mckk'ians r cool. not all but some of them. stdy smart yaw! xD